April 9, 2021

What a Luxury Real Estate Broker Can Teach You About Buying a Home

When looking to buy a luxury home, it’s important to get the right information from a professional to help you find the perfect home.

Townhouses for sale in Mount Waverley and Real estate in Glen Waverley is in high demand, with many homebuyers looking to find their new home in those areas of Melbourne. If you too are wanting to buy a home in these suburbs, you want to get advice that will help you get the home of your dreams.

Luxury real estate brokers are experienced in selling some of the most extravagant homes and they know what to look out for when it comes to properties. We’ve gathered some of their top tips for buying a home.

Get the right real estate agent

To get the right home, you may want to enlist the services of an experienced real estate agent.

Choose an agent with experience and knowledge of the housing market in the location you’re looking to buy and also the type of property you’re after.

You want them to be familiar with the location and the historical pricing of houses in that area. Your real estate agent should be able to give you options for similar properties on sale in the area, how long they’ve been on the market and any price adjustments.

Often real estate agents know about properties for sale that are not advertised publicly, so they may be able to give you a heads-up on a potential property for sale in Glen Waverley that matches your requirements.

Know what you want

Don’t jump into the house-hunting process before first having a clear understanding of what you’re looking for and what you want your dream home to include.

Have a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves to keep you on track. You may have to compromise on certain things, but don’t buy a home just to buy a home, unless it fits your requirements.

The house must be the right fit, and suit the current and future needs of your family. When choosing between a few properties, consider which is best for you and your family, which will provide the quality of life you’re after, and which suits your tastes.

If you’re planning to build your new home or are unsure of what you want out of a new home, visit display homes in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne to get an idea of some features you may want to include in your own home.

Take your time

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will ever make and is not a decision that should ever be rushed. It takes time to find the right home. You want to ensure you carefully consider the decision to ensure you buy a home that is right for your needs and budget.

Do your research on the type of home you’re looking to buy and the location you’re wanting to buy in, whether that’s real estate in Glen Waverley, or elsewhere in Melbourne. Research other properties in the area, as well as future growth plans for the area to ensure it will still suit your needs in a few years.

If you find your dream home, but it’s slightly out of your budget, take time to try and negotiate the best deal so you don’t have to miss out.

Don’t just rely on photos

While photos can give you an initial view of the home, it’s important to see it in person before making a decision.

Make sure to go see any property in person you are considering buying. While the photos may look perfect, you want to go to the area and see what the surroundings are like. You don’t want to buy a stunning home that looks like it will be the perfect peaceful escape only to find that developments are being worked on around it.

A photo or video can’t show everything and you want to get a feel for the home and area in person to ensure it is right for you. Property photos are aimed at showcasing the best features and will not focus on the problem areas that may cost you money down the road.

You also shouldn’t dismiss properties based purely on photos, especially if they have features that meet your requirements, as sometimes photos are not able to capture the feel of a home and you may feel differently when you view it in person.

If you find townhouses for sale in Glen Waverley, take the time to go inspect them in person to ensure they are the right fit for you and your family.

Carefully consider location

Location is an important factor when buying a home. Do as much research into the area as you can. Look at what’s in the area and the demographic, whether its families, retirees or young workers, to give you an idea of the lifestyle.

The value of your home is linked to the location. With real estate in Glen Waverley highly sought after, houses in this area can provide a good long term investment as the area continues to grow and become more family-friendly.

Ask your real estate agent about the area, what the future of the location may look like and if major developments or high-rises are planned nearby that may impact your property value, views and lifestyle.

For most homebuyers, you buy a home with the plan to live there for many years, so you want an area that will offer the lifestyle you’re after. Whether you’re looking for property for sale in Glen Waverley or other suburbs of Melbourne, you should think carefully about the area in which you’re planning to buy a home.

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