October 12, 2020

Contemporary styling in prestige homes

Land release in Melbourne continues to grow in high demand. This is especially true in the eastern suburbs, where the combination of scenic landscapes, laidback lifestyle and nearby amenities provides the perfect area to find a prestige home. 

Once you’ve bought your dream home, your mind will quickly move to styling. With near endless inspirations, it can be hard to know what look will best suit your home and your own personal style. 

Contemporary styling is a popular choice for those who want to let the architectural features of the home speak for themselves with minimal furnishing. It’s a style that brings to mind simplicity, subtle sophistication and the use of texture and clean lines. 

Contemporary styling is fluid and is not associated with one point in time like many other interior styles, but is ever-evolving with the trends of the moment, making it a more flexible style choice.

Used in prestige homes, contemporary styling can help keep the focus on the stunning design of the house. 


Colour palette

Contemporary styling makes use of a natural colour palette, utilising neutral colours, ranging from white, beige, charcoal and grey. The use of soft neutrals adds warmth.

This provides a good starting point to then add more personality with hints of colour and pattern. When using a pop of colour, neutral tones can be used to balance out colourful statement elements, from decors pieces or feature walls. 

Use of a neutral colour palette gives contemporary style a more timeless feel, while the small uses of colour can be easily changed depending on mood and style preference. 

When considering the colour palette for contemporary style, colours should work together to create a cohesive and calming look throughout the home. 


Interior design

Contemporary interior design often focuses on simple lines as a design element. This could take the form of wall art, sculptures, furniture or geometric patterned rugs and how they relate to the design of the home. 

Space is left uncluttered, with simplistic styling that makes use of the space but doesn’t overpower it. Bare space is an important element of contemporary styling to ensure each piece is able to stand out, without the room looking too busy. 

Contemporary styling is meant to be comfortable and welcoming, with minimal clutter. 

Townhouses for sale in Mount Waverley featuring structural elements such as exposed brick, beams, pipes and duckworks, work well with contemporary styling. They can easily match a neutral colour palette, or be used themselves as a contemporary feature of contrasting colour to make a statement. 



Choose furniture made from natural materials and fibres, such as cotton, linen, wool, leather and silk. Darker pieces of furniture should be balanced with softer neutrals to create a lighter space. 

Contemporary furnishings are free from adornments, featuring smooth, glossy finishes with simple, clean lines. This style steers away from anything that looks too traditional or closely tied to earlier periods. 

Less is more when it comes to contemporary styling. Keeping furniture to a minimum to avoid a room looking too busy is crucial to this style. 

A piece of furniture can be used as a statement piece if chosen in a bold colour or design, and paired with other neutral furniture pieces to keep the look grounded. 

Coloured or geometric printed cushions and throw blankets can be used to add interest. This also makes it easier and more affordable to switch up the style when you feel like it, rather than needing to purchase new pieces of furniture. 

This allows more flexibility with the style to show off pops of personality in the home and keeps the overall style from looking too plain. 


Accent pieces

Decorative accents within contemporary styling should be kept to a minimum to avoid clutter. 

Pieces with small pops of colour and geometric designs, rather than loud patterns like animal print, easily tie in with the simplicity of contemporary style. 

Choosing your accent pieces carefully can help draw attention to and frame beloved things within your home, from your favourite pieces of art, or family heirlooms. 

These can provide more personal touches throughout the home, but it’s important to be selective about your collection of decorative decor so it doesn’t overwhelm the intended minimal style. 


Use lighting

Contemporary style makes use of natural light to create brightness throughout the home.  

Lighting is often used to make a statement within contemporary decor. Window treatments can be used to create unexpected texture and contrast while allowing plenty of light to fill every room. 

Structured lighting fixtures with metallic finishes such as steel, chrome or nickel, and floor and table lamps featuring sleek, minimal silhouettes provide a contemporary look to your prestige home.

Within contemporary styling, lights are also sometimes used to draw attention to specific features, such as artwork and sculptures. 


Styling your prestige home

Whether your preference leans more towards contemporary or traditional interior decor, real estate in Glen Waverly offers homebuyers the chance to find the home of their dreams and style it according to personal taste. 

For Melbourne homebuyers, land for sale in Glen Waverly provides the perfect location and opportunity for the prestige home they’ve always dreamed of, with the area only growing in popularity. 

For more advice on how to style you new home, contact the team at Sienna Mount Waverley.

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