June 19, 2020

The 5 best ideas for styling a new contemporary home

The 5 best ideas for styling a new contemporary home

When it comes to styling a stunning home, there are several key elements to consider.

Here are 5 of the Best Ideas for styling a new contemporary home that will help you make more of the treasure you have.


Focus on Natural Light

Any home needs light but a contemporary home can often make better use of natural light by its clever design and styling.

Natural light brings a world of benefit, with well-known positive effects on your health and wellbeing, as well as the ability to amplify the different features of each living space.

It is strange to think how often natural light is taken for granted or ignored altogether.

A classic mistake is to interrupt the passage of sunlight into a home with fixtures and furnishings. The main culprits in this regard are heavy drapes and curtains which detract rather than enrich a room. Remember to take every chance to enhance the enlivening and enchanting elements of your home.

That’s where using the charms of natural light can add to your home’s livability.


A floor says more than you think

We’ve said goodbye to the harsh and cold world of concrete and marble floorings.

Whilst some people hang on to the idea that the durability outweighs the drawbacks of this flooring style, it is easy to see why the trend for contemporary new homes is one of warmth and welcoming tones and textures.

No-one can deny the rich and uplifting look of quality timber flooring. It has a timeless character that inspires and nurtures.

Timber also highlights the beauty of the natural world and is the perfect way to showcase natural light.

You can rest assured that your choice of subtly toned or earthy floor coverings will be all the more appealing with a timber flooring to accentuate their qualities.


A view that continues

Any home with a beautiful view never goes out of style.

If you have found yourself in the long line of people looking at houses for sale in Mount Waverley, then you will know how rare such a find can be. To discover one that has a spectacular lakefront view is a precious thing indeed.

Making the most of that treasured outlook means using contemporary yet natural elements to bring life to your living space. This is where neutral shadings and well-toned timbers can make all the difference.  

You can reflect those exterior views and proximity to nature through the furnishings you choose. For example, smaller water features or clever use of plants can highlight the purity of organic materials such as wood and ceramics.


Choose uplifting over downplaying

Decorating with luxurious live greenery brings another soothing element to your home.

This is important to know for contemporary homes with an elevated or lakeside outlook, such as the award-winning Aqua waterfront homes at Sienna.

Living in such a premium selection of individually designed homes that boast the ultimate in picturesque water views is one of the surest ways to elevate the spirit.


Making the most of your special space

To make the most of your lifestyle, you need to make the most of your living space.

One of the simplest ways to use the beauty of your location is the colouring and effects within your home.


The Future Outlook

A home that has a waterfront outlook remains one of the most sought-after elements to Melbourne home buyers.

Now there is a golden opportunity to find such a place of your own. It is no ordinary house for sale in Mount Waverley we are talking about here.

This is a residence of a truly unique nature in bespoke modern architectural design.

There is already a long list of reasons that Mount Waverley is one of the most sought after locations in which to live.

Begin a new chapter of life within a leafy and tranquil setting with everything on your doorstep – including that luxurious lakeside view.

Stylish contemporary living is here and now – at Aqua, in the green heart of Sienna.


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